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So youtube keeps really good data of pretty much anything imaginable dealing with your youtube channel. This is the current subscriber graph for the month of july and the day where it shoots up just so happens to be the day that Xenon posted my battle against him on his channel. I just found this to be really amusing and wanted to give him a shoutout

So youtube keeps really good data of pretty much anything imaginable dealing with your youtube channel. This is the current subscriber graph for the month of july and the day where it shoots up just so happens to be the day that Xenon posted my battle against him on his channel. I just found this to be really amusing and wanted to give him a shoutout

The Poke Union

Hey everyone! I just wanted to go ahead and give a quick shoutout to a new pokemon community youtube channel known as The Poke Union. This channel could be considered similar to things like PMP or GTS, but there is one huge difference in it that sets it apart from the rest in that anyone who is willing to submit content to it will be able to. If you have any doubts, here is something you should keep in mind: 1) Are you an unknown youtuber? No problem! 2) Can you only get battles through showdown and Pokemon Online? No problem! 3) Do you not battle, but do other things related to pokemon such as drawing artwork, making music remixes, or doing let’s plays? by all means show your stuff! And the list goes on and on! I recently skyped with the director of the channel and he said he would be more than willing to accept a variety of content from pretty much anyone who has anything to offer. So if you have been looking to get your name out there, this could be an awesome opportunity for you all to get involved. I will also be trying to contribute in any way possible! Click the link below to head on over there and subscribe! What are you waiting for?!?

PokeMoshPit Beta Battle

Hey Everyone! So the battle I submitted to PMP Beta maybe a month or so ago finally got posted! you can check it out here:

If you spread the love with likes and comments, it will help this video get noticed, meaning I could potentially upload to the main channel in the future. 

Thank you! Stream

Hey Everyone!

So if you didn’t know, I did a live stream yesterday on where i accepted battles on pokemon showdown from various subscribers.

Twitch Channel link:

It was a ton of fun and I thought it went really well for a first time doing it, especially since Showdown was down for like the first hour and a half of the stream. Anyway, I just wanted to post the link to my twitch channel here and also ask what you thought about it and ask for some ideas for future streaming.

So what did you think?


Hey everyone! So as many of you may know, PokeMoshPit recently made a revival on youtube which I think is really great. Once again you will be able to see uploads from a ton of different people and see a lot of different battling and narration styles as well. That being said, I see this as a perfect opportunity to get my channel some exposure if I am able to upload to it, as I am sure there are a ton of people subscribed to the PMP channel that have never even heard of me before. There have been very few chances in my youtubing career to reach out to others (such as my upload to the global trainer syndicate which honestly didn’t accomplish much) so I’m really hoping this works out.

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that you cannot directly submit a video to PMP as they provide no links or email address to do so. On the other hand, PMP Beta gives you a very nicely written and well detailed description of how to send them a video and what can and cannot be in it (such as using copyrighted music etc.). My questions here though are:

1) What process do you need to go through to become a director on the regular PMP?

2) what does it even mean to be a director?

3) how is it determined whether or not you can become one once you’ve went through said process?

The only conclusion I have come to is that in order to get on PMP, you must first become a relatively well known youtuber and then upload to PMP Beta first. Once you upload there, you then might get the chance to be featured on their regular channel. So as of last week, I submitted a video to PMP Beta and am waiting for it to be uploaded. I will be sure to notify you all when this does happen of course : D

But wait! Who are all of these people uploading to PMP right now? I swear I have absolutely no idea who any of them are other than Xenon and Sucker4Jessica. Now I do not claim to know everyone, so I decided to do a bit of poking around on youtube to find out. In my research, I discovered when comparing any of the people who have recently uploaded to PMP (with exception of the 2 i just mentioned) to my channel, I have about 7 - 10 times the subscribers they do. Now I’m not saying that should account for everything, but my question for all if you is how come all of these practically unknown people can have the priveledge to upload to one of the most popular pokemon youtube channels, but someone like me who has been doing his own thing for 3 years and accumulated a pretty large following can not? I thought the whole purpose of PMP Beta was to feature the “unknown” youtubers.

Also, for those of you wondering, I sent a PM to the pokemoshpit channel a week or so ago asking to upload and received no response. I thought I did it in a very professional manner as well, which is why I’m bothered that I did not even receive a response of any kind.

How did you get into competitive battling?

One of my friends from college introduced me to it and since I enjoy competitive gaming to an extent, it just became something I got into

How does one go about submitting a set?

Wait until I post a video about it. It will probably be titled Viewer Submission Sets Week #something, but I don’t plan on doing this series again just yet

Hey rykard. I'm a fan of your work on YouTube and I battled you one time on ps. I've been playing pokemon competitively for about a year and a half now. I do great in random battles and I feel like I'm a smart battler, but I kinda suck at making teams. Is there any advice you can give me?

To start things off, I always go here when i make a new team:

This website allows you to see weaknesses and resistances of your team members so that you can eliminate many problems before you start battling. The goal is to have as many resistances as possible while minimizing the amount of weaknesses.

Also I did a 4 part guide on how I go about team building not too long ago if you want to check that out. The first part can be found here:

Hello Rykard! I've been curious, do you think it would be possible to run a Defensive Golurk? Iron Defense/Curse and concentrated EVs into HP and SpD and Lefties, I think might make for a decent enough wall. Not to mention the confusion from a No Guard Dynamicpunch will surely help in it's survivability some. It seems legit to me, but I just wanted to get your opinion on it since I don't normally battle as much as I'd like. Thanks for your time!

I’m sure it could work, but keep in mind that Curse on Golurk cuts your HP in half cause golurk is a ghost type